EV Car Rental Experience at Frankfurt International Airport: A Review

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EV Car Rental Experience at Frankfurt International Airport: A Review

Exploring the EV Car Rental Experience at Frankfurt International Airport

As the world moves towards more sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining unprecedented popularity. This surge in interest is not limited to purchasing EVs but extends to the rental car industry, especially at international hubs like Frankfurt Airport (FRA). My recent trip to Frankfurt allowed me to explore and review the EV car rental experience firsthand.

Booking Process and Availability

I first noticed the ease of booking an electric car online. Most major rental agencies at Frankfurt International Airport now offer a selection of EVs that can be filtered and booked directly through their websites. The availability of electric cars has significantly increased, with a range of makes and models to choose from, catering to different preferences and budgets. However, booking in advance is essential, as the demand for EV rentals seems to rise steadily.

Picking Up the Vehicle

The pickup process was smooth and hassle-free. Upon arrival at the rental desk, located conveniently within the terminal, I was promptly attended to by a friendly staff member. They provided a brief overview of the electric vehicle I had booked, including essential information on charging, range, and the car’s specific features.

One notable difference in renting an EV instead of a traditional combustion engine car is the need for a quick orientation. This is a crucial step for those new to electric vehicles to ensure familiarity with the charging process and the car’s functionalities. The staff at Frankfurt Airport was well-prepared for this, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the EVs in their fleet.

Driving Experience

Driving an electric car around Frankfurt and the surrounding areas was a delight. The vehicle was silent, responsive, and, most importantly, emission-free. German roads and highways are well-suited for EVs, with ample signage and support for electric mobility. Moreover, the availability of charging stations is impressive, both within the city and at strategic points along the highways. It’s worth noting that planning your charging stops in advance can make the journey smoother, although the car’s navigation system was quite adept at suggesting nearby charging stations.

Returning the Vehicle

The return process was as seamless as picking up the car. The rental agency had a dedicated return area for electric vehicles with charging docks. This made it incredibly convenient to return the vehicle at full charge, avoiding any potential additional fees for returning the car with a depleted battery. The staff inspected the car quickly, ensuring it was in good condition and fully charged for the following user.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Frankfurt International Airport’s EV car rental experience was highly positive. From the booking process to the return, every step was efficient and tailored towards promoting a sustainable mode of travel. The availability of different EV models and the supportive infrastructure around Frankfurt made it an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Renting an electric vehicle at Frankfurt Airport is worth considering for travelers looking to reduce their carbon footprint while exploring Germany.

As the world embraces electric mobility, renting and driving an electric vehicle will likely become the norm rather than the exception. Based on my experience, the future of sustainable travel is not just promising but is already here, making significant strides at hubs like Frankfurt International Airport.

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