Top Apps for Planning Your EV Road Trip

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Top Apps for Planning Your EV Road Trip

Planning a road trip in an electric vehicle – EV Road Trip – can present unique challenges, especially when finding charging stations along your route. Fortunately, several apps are designed to make your EV road trip smoother and more enjoyable. These top apps cover everything from locating charging points to planning your entire journey.

A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

A Better Route Planner is widely regarded as the go-to app for EV drivers planning a road trip. It shows you where charging stations are and helps plan your route by considering your vehicle’s model, battery status, and driving speed. ABRP can forecast your battery level at each stop and suggest where and when to charge, making it easier to manage longer journeys.


With an extensive database of public charging stations worldwide, PlugShare is a must-have app for any EV road tripper. Its interactive map allows users to filter stations by plug type, charging speed, and network, making it easier to find suitable charging options. Users can also leave reviews and tips, providing valuable insights into station reliability and availability.


ChargePoint is one of the largest EV charging networks. It offers an intuitive app that lets you locate charging stations, check their availability in real time, and even start a charging session via your smartphone. The app also allows users to filter search results by type of charger and set up notifications for when a charging spot becomes available.


For those prioritizing speed, EVgo operates the largest network of fast-charging stations in the U.S. The EVgo app helps users locate rapid charging options, view real-time availability, and manage charging sessions. It’s an excellent resource for EV drivers looking to minimize downtime during their road trips.

Electrify America

Electrify America is another top app for locating fast-charging stations across the U.S. It provides an up-to-date map of their nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers, suitable for EVs that support high-speed charging. The app also tracks your charging session and history, making managing your expenses and usage easier.

Open Charge Map

The non-profit-run Open Charge Map offers a comprehensive global database of public charging stations, making it a valuable tool for planning international EV trips. This community-sourced app includes data on the location, type, and status of charging points, offering travelers a wide range of options.

Tips for a Smooth EV Road Trip

While these apps can significantly enhance your road trip planning, here are some additional tips for a smooth journey:

  • Always have a backup plan in case your preferred charging station is unavailable.
  • Consider the time of day and the likely demand for charging stations, especially in busy areas or holidays.
  • Keep an eye on your EV’s battery level and driving range, and plan for regular breaks to charge and rest.
  • Stay updated with your selected apps, as new charging stations are constantly being added and existing ones updated.

With the right planning tools and a bit of preparation, your EV road trip can be a seamless and enjoyable adventure. By leveraging the power of these apps, you can focus more on the journey and less on the logistics of charging your electric vehicle.

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