Top EV Road Trip Planner Tools for a Smooth Journey

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Digital illustration of a futuristic electric vehicle on a scenic coastal road trip, with a holographic map and route guidance projected in the sky, showcasing advanced EV road trip planning tools.
Top EV Road Trip Planner Tools for a Smooth Journey

Electric vehicles (EVs) have significantly transformed how we explore the world, offering a cleaner, greener, and often quieter adventure. However, hitting the road in an electric vehicle (EV) comes with unique challenges, primarily concerning the availability of charging stations. Thankfully, several impressive EV road trip planner tools have emerged to ensure a smooth and anxiety-free journey. These tools not only navigate you through the best routes but also help locate charging stations along the way, manage charging stops, and even estimate charging times and costs. Let’s dive into the top 5 EV road trip planner tools to make your next electric expedition a breeze.

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is renowned among EV enthusiasts for its comprehensive approach to planning trips. This tool enhances your driving experience by considering your vehicle’s specific details. It considers factors such as your car’s age, fuel consumption, and location to provide you with the most convenient charging stations on your route. It also predicts your arrival charge level and calculates the travel time, including charging stops. The intuitive interface, available online and as an app, makes ABRP a top choice for precise EV trip planning.


PlugShare is not just a road trip planner; it’s a community-driven platform featuring an extensive map of EV charging stations worldwide. This tool allows users to filter search results based on plug type, charging speed, and other preferences. What makes PlugShare outstanding is the ability for users to leave reviews and photos of charging stations, providing real-user feedback and tips. Available for both iOS and Android, PlugShare can be a valuable resource for route planning and locating charging spots, especially in unfamiliar areas.

ChargeHub User-Friendly EV Road Trip Planner

ChargeHub is another user-friendly tool that facilitates EV road trip planning. Its central feature is the interactive map that locates charging stations across North America. ChargeHub also offers detailed information on each charging point, such as availability, charging speed, and connector type. The app includes a planner feature to help set up your EV model and desired route. ChargeHub’s community feature allows users to add photos and provides first-hand insights.

Google Maps as EV Road Trip Planner

Over the recent years, Google Maps has integrated features that cater to EV drivers. Alongside offering navigation and traffic updates, it now includes an option to find EV charging stations. By simply typing EV charging stations into the search bar, users can discover nearby charging points, view information like plug availability and charging speeds, and even see if the spots are currently in use. Google Maps is a convenient option for quick searches during trips, although it was not exclusively designed for EVs.

EV Trip Planner

EV Trip Planner is great for Tesla owners and other EV drivers alike. It concentrates on elevation changes along routes, which can significantly affect an EV’s range. EV Trip Planner provides accurate range estimates by determining elevation, weather, and vehicle weight. Vehicles have access to a charging station database, but the precise range calculations can be helpful for accurately planning long trips.

Thanks to these innovative and user-friendly tools, planning an EV road trip no longer has to be daunting. If you need help finding the nearest charging station or the most efficient route or want to calculate your total journey time with charging stops, there are road trip planner tools available to assist you. Using these tools can make your trip more enjoyable and help contribute to a cleaner environment.

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