New Electric Car in 2025: The EVs that Will Shake Up the Roads 

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New Electric Car in 2025

Electric cars such as the BMW i4, Volvo XC40 Recharge, and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are in high demand nowadays and consistently ranked among the top sellers of new electric car. We are delighted to witness the remarkable strides taken by leading automotive giants such as Audi, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Volvo, and others in electric vehicle innovation.

By 2025, the world of electric cars will transform, and you want to experience the excitement. Keep reading to discover the latest in-store innovations that will change how we drive forever.

The Electric Vehicle Surge of 2025

Revolutionize your driving experience with electric vehicles in 2025 – a pivotal year that will change how we travel forever. The automotive industry is witnessing an electrifying revolution, with established automakers fine-tuning their EV offerings and some thrilling new models making their way to the market. Get ready to buckle up for an electrifying ride!

Audi New Electric Car: Sleek Electrification

The A6 E-Tron and Q6 E-Tron mark a new era for Audi, as they’re among the first vehicles built upon the automaker’s advanced PPE modular EV platform. Audi has confirmed to Motor Authority that the A6 E-Tron will offer both a single-motor rear-wheel drive and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration for your powertrain preference. Expect a sizeable 100-kWh battery capable of delivering up to 300 miles of range. This model promises super-fast charging, which can replenish from 5% to 80% in 25-30 minutes.

2025 Audi A6 E-Tron

  • Concept Inspiration: Built upon the groundbreaking A6 e-tron concept, this luxury sedan promises cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and a luxurious driving experience.
  • Expected Highlights: Long range, potentially rivaling top-tier competitors, focusing on aerodynamic efficiency and a sophisticated, driver-focused interior.
  • Expected availability: later in the year or early 2025
  • Expected pricing: Starting at $80,000

Audi Q6 E-Tron

  • Spacious and Futuristic: Envision a roomy electric SUV with a design language reminiscent of its concept sibling.
  • Expected Highlights: Ample cargo and passenger space, innovative interior features with a high-tech focus, and a comfortable, quiet ride.
  • Expected availability: Fall 2024
  • Expected pricing: Starting at $66,000

BMW: Electrifying a Classic

Initially launched in 2021, the BMW i4 is slated for an update in its 2025 model year. While early spy shots suggest the exterior may remain unchanged, experts at Carscoops anticipate significant improvements to the EV’s hardware. Official details remain under wraps, but we expect a notable boost in range compared to the current model.

2025 BMW i4

  • BMW Heritage, Electric Power: Expect the refined sportiness BMW is known for, combined with a smooth and powerful electric powertrain.
  • Expected Highlights: It has athletic handling, a premium interior, excellent driving dynamics, and the refined feel of a genuine BMW.
  • Expected availability: later in the year or early 2025
  • Expected pricing: Starting at $52,300

Chevrolet: Evolution and Expansion

Chevrolet is charging into the electric future with bold moves. The upcoming Bolt EV refresh signals an evolution of their affordable and practical EV approach, promising greater space and value. Meanwhile, the all-electric Equinox EV represents a significant expansion of their electric lineup, bringing Chevy’s signature style and dependability to the popular SUV segment. These releases showcase Chevrolet’s commitment to making EVs accessible to a wider audience.

2025 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt EV is back and better than ever! After initial rumors of its discontinuation, the updated Bolt EV is poised for a thrilling 2025 release on GM’s advanced Ultium platform. Expect a peppy single-motor setup delivering 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque for a fun driving experience. Thanks to Ultium technology, the Bolt EV promises to stretch its legs with an improved range of 259 miles.

  • Budget-Friendly Upgrade: The beloved Bolt EV is set for a refresh, potentially with a more spacious design and an improved range.
  • Expected Highlights: Enhanced practicality, excellent value for money, and Chevrolet’s signature dependability in an electric package.
  • Expected availability: late 2024
  • Expected pricing: Starting around $30,000

2025 Chevrolet Equinox EV

The 2025 Chevrolet Equinox gets a head-to-toe makeover! Car and Driver reports a bolder exterior design reminiscent of its bigger sibling, the Traverse. Inside, expect a modern refresh with new digital displays. Under the hood, the Equinox retains its reliable turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, now paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) for a smooth ride. An all-wheel-drive option will be available for those seeking additional capability.

  • A Familiar Name Goes Electric: The iconic Equinox SUV will switch to an all-electric platform, offering style, affordability, and up-to-date EV technology.
  • Expected Highlights: It has a modern design, a comfortable and practical interior, and a competitive range for the SUV segment.
  • Expected availability: end of 2024
  • Expected pricing: Starting around $30,000

Hyundai: Pushing Boundaries

Hyundai isn’t playing it safe in the EV market. The upcoming Ioniq 7 SUV is a testament to their bold approach, promising a spacious, futuristic cabin with cutting-edge technology. Hyundai seems determined to push the limits of EV design and redefine what an electric vehicle can be, making it a significant player in the EV revolution.

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 7

Mark your calendars for June! Hyundai’s all-new Ioniq 7, a spacious three-row electric SUV, promises to make a splash. Building upon their success as the fourth best-selling EV brand last year (and a top seller for Cartelligent in 2023), Hyundai’s new US manufacturing plant could make the Ioniq 7 eligible for the Federal EV Tax Credit.

Car and Driver anticipates a thrilling range exceeding 300 miles, and with a 350-kW fast charger, you’ll be back on the road in a flash – allegedly charging from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes.

  • The flagship of Innovation: The largest in the Ioniq lineup, this SUV aims to impress with groundbreaking technology, a potentially class-leading range, and a spacious, lounge-like interior.
  • Expected Highlights: A focus on passenger comfort, advanced driver assistance systems, and a potential statement piece for Hyundai’s electric ambitions.
  • Estimated availability: middle — end of 2024
  • Estimated pricing: Around $50,000

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5N

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has proven to be a sensation since its 2022 debut, earning numerous awards and becoming a favorite among Cartelligent clients. Now, with the 2025 Ioniq 5N, Hyundai’s high-performance N division amps up the excitement! Expect a thrilling 600+ horsepower powertrain with customizable power delivery.

This highly anticipated electric powerhouse is sure to generate intense demand. However, the 2025 Ioniq 5N will be an exclusive offering with limited availability in select states.

  • The Performance Trailblazer: Hyundai’s N division infuses the award-winning Ioniq 5 with serious performance prowess.
  • Expected Highlights: Over 600 horsepower, customizable power delivery for a tailored driving experience, and head-turning, sport-infused design cues.
  • The Catch: High demand and limited availability will likely make this a hot commodity.
  • Estimated availability: March 2024
  • Estimated pricing: Starts at $70,000

2025 Jeep Recon

The 2025 Jeep Recon marks a bold new chapter for the brand as its second all-electric SUV in America. Built on the same STLA L platform as the Wagoneer S, the Recon promises thrilling performance with an estimated 600 horsepower output and a robust range of roughly 373 miles. True to Jeep’s DNA, the Recon boasts the legendary Selec-Terrain management system with five terrain modes, empowering you to conquer any landscape confidently.

  • Off-Road, Electrified: Jeep enters the rugged EV arena with the Recon, promising true off-road capability and the brand’s adventurous spirit.
  • Expected Highlights: Removable doors and roof panels for open-air adventures, trail-ready technology, and Jeep’s legendary go-anywhere attitude.
  • The Intrigue: Details are still emerging, but the Recon evokes excitement for those longing for an electric off-roader
  • Estimated availability: End of the year / early 2025
  • Estimated pricing: Starting around $50,000

2025 Kia EV6

Kia continues to impress EV enthusiasts, particularly those in their 30s, with exciting and stylish offerings. The updated 2025 Kia EV6, originally launched in 2021, builds on this success with a refresh of its popular electric compact SUV crossover. While details are still under wraps, early spy shots spotted by Motor Authority hint at a redesigned headlight and a fresh wheel pattern. Get ready for a new take on this already head-turning EV!

  • Bold Style: Electric Power Already a head-turner, the Kia EV6 prepares for an update in 2025.
  • Expected Highlights: Styling tweaks to maintain its cutting-edge look, potential improvements in range and technology, and Kia’s commitment to user-friendly EV experiences.
  • The Appeal: The EV6 is compelling for buyers desiring a stylish and practical electric vehicle.
  • Estimated availability: Mid 2024 — Early 2025
  • Estimated pricing: Starting around $40,000

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG

The Mercedes-Benz legend goes electric with the 2025 EQG – the brand’s first all-electric G-Class. Prepare for a powerhouse on four wheels – experts anticipate the EQG will be equipped with four individually controlled electric motors, offering unparalleled off-road capability with a whisper-quiet twist. Matching the power with potential range, rumors suggest the EQG might borrow the EQS’s impressive 107.8 kWh battery. This electrifying evolution promises to retain the rugged spirit of the G-Class while paving the way for a new era of sustainable off-roading.

  • Luxury Meets Ruggedness: Mercedes-Benz electrifies its iconic G-Class, blending off-road capability with the refinement of an EV powertrain.
  • Expected Highlights: Boxy styling reminiscent of its gas-powered sibling, a luxurious, high-tech interior, and the ability to tackle tough terrain in near silence.
  • The Prestige: The EQG is set to become a status symbol for environmentally-conscious adventurers.
  • Estimated availability: Late 2024
  • Estimated pricing: Starting around $150,000

Why 2025 is a Game-Changer

Advances in battery technology by 2025 promise longer ranges, lightning-fast charging, and more competitive pricing. This wave of new models showcases EVs’ increasing maturity and refinement, making them an even more enticing alternative to traditional vehicles.

The Future is Electric

The electric vehicle landscape constantly evolves, and 2025’s lineup shows how far we’ve come. Hold onto your hats, EV enthusiasts – the coming years will be exhilarating!

A Sign of Things to Come

These niche EVs represent a growing trend in the electric market—greater diversity and specialization. 2025 promises vehicles that cater to specific interests and lifestyles, making the EV landscape far more exciting and dynamic.


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