7 Mistakes You Should Avoid At EV Dealership

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Mistakes to avoid at EV Dealership: A futuristic electric vehicle dealership showroom with highlighted visual cues and symbols indicating common mistakes buyers should avoid.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting An EV Dealership!

So, you’ve decided to leap into the future by buying an electric vehicle (EV). Congratulations! You’re not only about to embrace the quiet and smooth ride of electric driving but also taking a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. However, as you wander through the land of silent engines and instant torque, it’s crucial not to let the excitement cloud your judgment. Here are seven blunders you’d want to avoid when visiting an EV dealership.

1. Skipping the Homework Before You Visit An EV Dealership

Did you know that not all EVs are created equal? Shocking, I know. Jumping into an EV purchase without research is like walking into a buffet blindfolded – you might end up with something you didn’t anticipate. Understanding the range, charging options, and available incentives for the specific models you’re interested in is crucial. Your homework is the compass that will guide you through the dense forest of options, helping you emerge victorious with the perfect electric steed.

2. Ignoring Charging Infrastructure

Imagine buying your shiny new EV only to realize the nearest charging station is two towns over. Not exactly convenient, right? Discussing local and workplace charging facilities with the dealership can save you from future headaches. This also means evaluating your home charging setup. If adding an electrician to your resume isn’t on your to-do list, get familiar with the necessary specifications and installation costs for home chargers before purchasing.

3. Focusing Solely on Range

While range is important, obsessing over it could lead you to overlook other vital aspects of the vehicle. Yes, we’re looking at you, the person calculating if 260 miles of range is truly superior to 250. It’s essential to consider how the vehicle fits into your lifestyle. A colossal range may not be necessary for most daily commutes and errands. Instead, paying attention to the comfort, technology, and driving experience could lead to a more satisfying purchase.

4. Not Test Driving Enough Models

Sticking to one model because it looks good on paper (or has flashy wheel rims) is a rookie mistake. Each Electric Car has its quirks and features, and what suits one person might not suit another. Testing various models can help you understand the unique driving dynamics of electric vehicles and ultimately find the one that feels just right.

5. Underestimating Incentives and Rebates

Who doesn’t love a good deal? EVs often come with a bouquet of incentives, tax credits, and rebates that can significantly reduce the purchase price. However, these benefits can vary by location and time. Not inquiring about current offers might mean missing out on financial perks that could make your EV dream more attainable. Remember, there’s no harm in asking the dealership to walk you through the available incentives.

6. Overlooking Resale Value

Yes, you’re just buying it, but eventually, you might want to sell your EV. Electric vehicle technology is evolving rapidly, impacting resale values differently than traditional gasoline vehicles. When discussing options, consider the model’s projected depreciation and how brand reputation, battery life, and technological advancements could influence its future market value. Having an exit strategy might seem counterintuitive when you’re excited about a new purchase, but it’s a savvy move.

7. Not Considering Leasing

Purchasing an EV outright isn’t the only path to electrification; leasing is another avenue worth exploring. Leasing can offer the flexibility to upgrade to a newer model with the latest technology every few years. For those still dipping their toes in the EV waters or concerned about the long-term advancements in battery technology, leasing could provide a sweet spot of commitment and flexibility.

In the land of silent rides and eco-friendly drives, avoiding these seven missteps can transform your EV buying experience from daunting to enjoyable. With a bit of preparation and many questions, you’ll be cruising in your new electric vehicle in no time while patting yourself on the back for navigating the EV dealership like a pro.

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